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> One Of My Favourite Wow Classic Memories
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Warriors could grab you with cost (even following one round of CC), hamstring youpersonally, and you're mostly just dead.In raw numbers and theory, your choice is quite great. But more important than what each ability did is the way they were utilized awarded the meta of Vanilla WoW Gold at the time.

I remember feeling as that being used by the terminator on a PVP server. But, it was just a matter before it got balanced. Being a hunter actually sucked in those days, but that is a particularly fun month.The hunter gift that I forget the name of, but made it so your pet healed you each time it assaulted. I believe it cured for 40 per attack. So something like 50 health per second. In an age when self healing was almost non existent, a class that could kite similar to that using that amount of self recovery was REALLY powerful. They nerfed the gift due to that pretty early, so many people may not recall.

One from vanilla I would have mentioned could be the Priest's Mind Control and how it was very often utilized to throw players off of very substantial items to their passing. Story: One time, back in vanilla, I had been defending Thunderbluff on my Mage. I was controlled by A priest mind and threw me off of the elevator. Halfway down the priest lost control because of range, and that I quickly cast Slow Fall and then proceeded to float over halfway into the little quest hub city halfway across the map. As soon as I landed I obtained the"Going Down" Achievement. Probably one of my favourite WoW Classic memories.

I can not recall the particulars, but it amounted to a permanent slow that let you DOT someone up and just run circles around them until they died - particularly after you stressed them off and put a good 50 feet between the both of you.Not sure if you're such as WoW Classic beta as Vanilla, but polymorph was incredibly overpowered when players would drop to the bottom of the sea once poly'ed and then drown.Also, then you said Undead players being considered undead back in beta, however, you did not mention that meant that paladin players were incredibly overpowered against undead players. Much less OP as rogue drowning, or pom/pyro perma stuns, but a huge advantage none-the-less.

You missed the NON GC. Which made instant caast be able to macroed to a single button. AKA, warlocks instant casting all dots, same with shadow priests. The whole will fo forsaken was a matter with warlock/warriors. What made it huge was that I didnt share CD with trinkets. But still anyone with a mind could take them down.less it was a lock Buy WoW Classic Items, SP or even the 5 bubble pali's. Fantastic vid, but the unhappy thin is that which you did was study the internet.dont believe you actually played it. And to be honest it was good. Sure there was that the core that is hard that is random as its made out to be, but it wasn't as easy. Superior players still could.
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